How To Get My Dog To Take His Pill

  • Hi ExpressVet!

    My dog spits out his pills and no matter what I hide them in he eats around it making it really hard to get him to take his meds. Any suggestions?


  • @Gabe S Hi Gabe! Have you ever tried compounding? You can get all your dog's meds flavored as cheese or bacon...even as a small treat! If he has trouble chewing try a liquid compound! 

  • @Gabe S - go to the grocery store and buy Braunschweiger (liverwurst).  My Yorkie only has 6 teeth, and my Yorkie that has passed didn't have any teeth left, but they both couldn't wait to eat it.  In fact, I have never met a dog who didn't love it!

  • @Gabe S I find using peanut butter or sometimes a cheese cube and if the pill is large I normally break/cut in half.

  • I also have used the liverwurst as well as a hotdog that I have warmed up in my hand to get it greasy

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