ExpressVet’s Choice Custom Compounding

Do you have an animal with special medication needs? We can custom compound dosage, strength, hard to find, special flavoring, transdermal and combo capsules.

Why would my pet need a compounded medication?

Your pet may have a specific health need that cannot be addressed by standardized drugs or has difficulty taking meds in offered form. For example:

  • Your pet has allergies to ingredients found in typical mass produced medications.
  • Your pet refuses to take a medication in it's current form (capsules for example) but will take the meds if flavored in liquid form or applied to the inner ear as a transdermal gel.
  • Your pet needs medication in a smaller dosage than currently available.

What Is Compounding?

ExpressVet uses compounding to combine precision pharmacy science with custom medications that fit your animals unique requirements. You tell us what you need and we will work closely with your pet's vet to create a custom medication specifically designed for you pet. We specialize in veterinary compounding for difficult to medicate pets. Commercially available medications are only available in predetermined strengths which sometimes can be too much or too little. Let us help with your custom medication needs.

✔︎ Compound Dosage
✔︎ Strength
✔︎ Hard To Find
✔︎ Special Flavoring
✔︎ Transdermal
✔︎ Combo Capsules

How do I order my pet's prescription medications?

  1. Shop now online with ExpressVet Pharmacy for the ExpressVet's Choice medication you're looking for. Find the item(s) you wish to order and add your item(s) to your cart.
  2. At Checkout, enter your Pet and Veterinarian information.
  3. Select whether you want ExpressVet to contact your Veterinarian or if you will be mailing the prescription to us or if you already have a prescription on file.
  4. Select a saved shipping address or add a new address.
  5. Select or enter your preferred payment method.
  6. Review and select Place Order to complete your order.

Can't find the custom compound medication you're looking for? Simply email your requirements to or give us a call 833-206-2945.