The History of Potassium Bromide Compounded Capsules for Dogs

The History of Potassium Bromide Compounded Capsules for Dogs

Medically Reviewed by Taylor Froiland, PharmD, RPh
Written by Adam McCown, PharmD

It's hard to imagine a life without dogs. People have come up with many roles they can play in our daily lives.  It is because of this close relationship between people and dogs that medications have been developed specifically for dog use so we can treat them when needed.

Potassium Bromide Compounded Capsules are one such medication created exclusively for dogs. Potassium bromide compounded capsules were first used in dogs back in the 1800s. At that time, it was the only medication available to control dogs' seizures. It wasn't until the 1930s that phenobarbital became available and started to replace potassium bromide compounded capsules as the primary medication used to control dogs' seizures. However, potassium bromide compounded capsules are still sometimes prescribed for dogs today.

The First Steps

So why was potassium bromide compounded capsules created in the first place?  Back in the 1800s, dogs were primarily used for hunting purposes and their owners wanted to make sure they were well-treated while on the hunt. Potassium bromide compounded capsules were developed as a way to help dogs with seizures and keep them healthy while on the hunt.

Dogs today are still used as hunting dogs and other dogs that work in security or may need to protect their owners.  For these dogs, it is important for their bodies to be healthy so they can focus on their jobs and provide safety and protection. For dogs who need the therapeutic benefits of potassium bromide compounded capsules, veterinarians use compounded products like Potassium Bromide Compounded Capsules to ensure dogs receive just the right amount each day.

Nowadays, dogs provide different services than just hunting companionship. They may work as service dogs, therapy dogs or emotional support dogs. Whether they're providing emotional support or working, these dogs' human counterparts want them to remain healthy and stable throughout all types of activities. For this reason, veterinarians may still prescribe potassium bromide compounded capsules to dogs in specific circumstances.

A Long History

The history of Potassium Bromide Compounded Capsules is a long and proud one. From being the only medication available to control seizures in dogs to being used in specific circumstances today, potassium bromide compounded capsules have helped dogs remain seizure-free and healthy while working or providing companionship. Thanks, potassium bromide compounded capsules!

Potassium Bromide Compounded Capsules for dogs have been around for centuries. Their primary use was to help dogs with seizures, but now they are also used as working dogs in a variety of different situations. Their human counterparts rely on them to be seizure-free and healthy so they can do their jobs.