Spotlight on: Itraconazole Compounded Oral Liquid

Spotlight on: Itraconazole Compounded Oral Liquid

Hi, my name is Erica. I am writing this article about how an Itraconazole Compounded Oral Liquid saved my dogs life. 

I had just lost another of my dogs to blastomycosis and was so sick of the heartache of losing dogs to this disease that I vowed not to let it happen again. My vet told me about your product and after some research on line I decided to try your product along with smothering him in antifungal powder every day. It has been a year now since we first started treatment for his blasto and he has been totally fungus free ever since! He also hasn't even come close to relapsing which is amazing! The only problem we have found with using your product is that the amount of liquid needed seems very inconsistent. It varies by almost double sometimes which makes it hard at times to get a precise dose without over giving which can be dangerous in some cases. But I will say this... your product saved my dog and he still is going strong with no signs of relapse after one year, so I am grateful for everything you have done for me and my boy!


My cat Kiya was diagnosed with Blastomycosis and survived thanks to Itraconazole.

Blasto is a fungal infection that can be very deadly. It is common in the Midwest and South America, but rare in other parts of the world – which makes it even more bizarre that my sweet ginger tabby cat contracted this terrible disease. It's also known as "North American blastomycosis" because not much research has been done on it since it affects such a small population; I had never heard of it before she got sick. Itraconazole Compounded Oral Liquid would have saved her life if I had found out about it sooner!

My name is Tracey and I live in New Jersey (USA). It was December 2013, and my cat Kiya had started to act sick all of the sudden. It came on very suddenly over just a few days. It progressed quickly and severely -- her gums started to turn white, she vomited several times, she seemed dehydrated but would not drink water, and lost so much weight in such little time it was scary. It really did seem like overnight that she went from totally normal to deathly ill.

She could no longer walk or even stand up without falling down because her legs were so weak. It was awful watching her fall again and again because her legs couldn't support herself anymore. It felt like a cruel joke when I found out what was wrong with her... but I swear it all happened so fast, just over the course of a week or two. It was not at all what I expected when she started acting sick – I thought maybe she had eaten something bad or might have feline leukemia or feline AIDS, but to find out it was this insidious fungal disease came as a complete shock!

I grew up with cats and dogs my whole life. It wasn't until early November that year that I got Kiya from an animal shelter in New Jersey. It was love at first sight for me, she made herself right at home already purring on the spot when I saw her through the cage bars! When I brought her home with me after getting her spayed she fit right into my other 3 cats perfectly, and we even got along with my 2 dogs as well. It felt like she had always been there with me, and I was so happy to have such a sweet new addition to the family. It didn't take her long at all to become a very integral part of our home life…

...But after only living with us for about 3 months she became very sick. It started out initially just being infrequent vomiting, but it would get progressively worse until it was happening every day. My cat vomited so much that eventually it stopped being food she had recently eaten coming up, it looked more like foamy saliva almost because she had been throwing up so frequently over the course of weeks. It also did not help that I kept finding her throwing up in weird places, like on my living room floor or even clumps of her own hair! It was so terrible. It got to the point where if I came inside from being gone for a few hours she would already be vomiting and I couldn't figure out what she could have possibly eaten outside that would cause this type of reaction?

I brought her to the vet after it had been going on for over a month and we figured out that not only did we need to hospitalize her and find out why she was throwing up so much but we also needed to do some tests because something else was wrong with her. It wasn't just cystitis causing all of these symptoms - there was more than one problem going on here, and we needed to figure out what was wrong and how to fix it. It took several days of-hospitalization tests and ultrasounds to determine the real reason for her vomiting - she had blastomycosis! It's a terrible fungus that is found in soil, so I still don't know how she could have even gotten this disease, since Kiya had never been outside or exposed to dirt or anything outdoors. It seemed odd but my vet kept telling me they see them more often in cats than they do any other type of animal, which made me sad because it seemed like there wasn't much known about this disease either...

I started searching online for information on Blastomycosis when I got home from the hospital that day with Kiya. I found ExpressVet Pharmacy and was instantly relieved. I called their office because I was so worried and the pharmacists there helped me right away! Kiyla was shipped medication within the hour and she felt so much better after a few days. So thankful!