Fluconazole: A Life Saver For My Dog!

Fluconazole: A Life Saver For My Dog!

Two weeks ago my dog, Boo-Boo started to show symptoms of valley fever. Before I had a chance to take him in for treatment he was lethargic and had difficulty maintaining his balance. When I took him to ExpressVet they diagnosed him with valley fever with a quick blood test and prescribed Fluconazole Capsules to be given every 12 hours per the instructions on the bottle. Fortunately for me, there are no known significant side effects that may come from administering this medication but there are some precautions you need to keep in mind if you are thinking about giving your dog any type of anti-fungal medication, including Fluconazole Capsules.

Is Fluconazole Right For Your Dog?

The first step is always making sure that your dog's health will not be compromised from the individual side effects of Fluconazole Capsules before you start administering it. In some cases, dogs with liver and kidney problems should opt for a different type of treatment method than an anti-fungal medication. If your dog is experiencing liver or kidney problems you need to call ExpressVet and we can discuss other options that may work better for your dog's condition.

Other side effects include: depression, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea and/or changes in behavior such as lethargy or hyperactivity. These symptoms are all very serious and there is no reason for dog owners who notice them to hesitate another moment before bringing their dog into ExpressVet so that we can treat the symptoms and get your dog back to his or her old self as soon as possible.

 A Life Saver For Boo-Boo

The Fluconazole Capsules have been a life saver for Boo-Boo and I would highly recommend them to any dog owner who is experiencing similar symptoms in their dog. If you have any questions about the medication or would like to speak with one of our veterinarians, please do not hesitate to call ExpressVet today. We are always here to help!

ExpressVet is proud to offer Fluconazole Capsules  as an exclusive anti-fungal medication which is used to treat a variety of fungal based infections including but not limited to valley fever. If your furbaby is exhibiting symptoms such as lethargy, aggression, loss of appetite or trouble maintaining balance ExpressVet is here to help. Please call today at (833) 206 2945 for more information about Fluconazole Capsules or any other medications you dog may need.

ExpressVet is always ready to answer your questions regarding Fluconazole Capsules . The customer service staff can be reached by telephone during business hours Monday through Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (PST). If ExpressVet does not receive your message within that time, it will return the call at its next opportunity. If you are calling about a prescription product please have the following available when you call:

1) Your dog's name

2) Your dog's ExpressVet order number

3) The prescription number that is connected to the billing information you entered when checking out.

ExpressVet uses the same standard of care as your veterinarian for filling prescriptions and has policies in place to maintain confidentiality of dog owners' personal information. To ensure this, ExpressVet works strictly with dog service providers who are also committed to protecting dog owners' privacy.