Oxytocin 20 Units/ml Injectable, 100 ml

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Oxytocin 20 Units/ml Injectable, 100 ml

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Oxytocin injection is a sterile aqueous solution of highly purified oxytocic principle recommended as an aid to precipitate labor, to accelerate normal parturition, postpartum evacuation of uterine debris, postoperative contraction of the uterus following a cesarean section, control of uterine hemorrhage, and to induce mild let-down. Do not use in dystocia due to abnormal presentation of the fetus until correction is accomplished.

Syringes must be ordered separately.

Indicated for obstetrical use in sows, ewes, horses and cows, and milk let-down in cows and sows.

  • Choice of administration: IV, IM or SQ
  • Versatile: aids in a number of obstetrical procedures
  • FDA approved