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Hypodermic Needles – Disposable Plastic Hub
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Sterile disposable hypodermic needle for injection.




Hypodermic Needles - Disposable Plastic Hub are sterile disposable hypodermic needles for injection.  These are ultra-sharp, tri-beveled, anti-coring, stainless steel needles.
They feature translucent, color-coded luer lock hubs, and color-coded caps. These needles are autoclavable in rigid pack for use in OR procedure packs. Latex-free, sterile.

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Weight N/A
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18 ga x 1 in, 18 ga x 1.5 in, 20 ga x 1.5 in, 22 ga x 1 in, 22 ga x 1.5 in, 22 ga x 0.75 in, 25 ga x 5/8 in


Available in 25 ga. 5/8 inch, 22 ga. 1 inch, 20 ga. 1.5 inch and 18 ga. 1.5 inch sizes.


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