KBroVet-CA1 Tablets


Tasty anticonvulsant tablets for dogs.


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KBroVet-CA1 Tablets are an anticonvulsant containing potassium bromide used to treat seizure disorders in dogs.  K-Bro Vet can be used in addition to therapy with other agents, including phenobarbital, or alone, as the sole anticonvulsant.  Available in convenient tasty tablets or solution.  Made by PRN pharmaceutical Inc.

KBroVet®-CA1 has received conditional approval from the FDA for the control of seizures associated with idiopathic epilepsy in dogs.

Developed to provide a consistent and reliable source of potassium bromide for veterinary patients
Liver-flavored chewable tablets

KBroVet-CA1 differs from KBroVet in two ways:
1) KBroVet-CA1 does not contain the inactive ingredient cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) and
2) tablets are no longer scored.

Patients may transition directly to the new formulation, with no need for any dosing adjustments.

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250 mg – 60 ct, 500 mg – 60ct


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