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  • Cisapride Mini Melt


    What is ExpressVet’s Choice? Learn More about compounded medications.

    ExpressVet’s Choice Cisapride Mini Melts (Common Brand Name Cisapride, Propulsid) Are Specially Made To Provide:

    • Treatment against esophagitis (inflamed esophagus), reflux esophagitis, gastric stasis, and to accelerate gastric emptying. It’s also quite helpful in reducing chronic constipation and other similar conditions in dogs, cats, as well as other small animals.
    • Precise Dose Made Just For Your Pet’s Needs
    • No Additives – Just the Medication and a Plant-Based Filler
    • Hypoallergenic Formulation
    • Small Capsule Size Easy to Swallow for Dogs, Cats, Rodents, and Rabbits

    We’re on a mission to develop unique and superior products that offer better value for our customers.


    Cisapride Mini Melt

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