Piroxicam Compounded Capsules

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Piroxicam Compounded Capsules

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Piroxicam Compounded Capsules (Common Brand Name Disal, Lasix, Salix) Are Specially Made To Provide:

  • Treatment of particular kinds of feline and canine cancers in the urinary bladder of cats and dogs. It also effectively treats pain and inflammation
  • Precise Dose Made Just For Your Pet’s Needs
  • No Additives – Just the Medication and a Plant-Based Filler
  • Hypoallergenic Formulation
  • Small Capsule Size Easy to Swallow for Dogs, Cats, and Horses

Piroxicam Compounded Capsules is an ExpressVet exclusive and nonsteroidal anti-Inflammatory medication (NSAID) that is effective against certain types of cancer as well as against inflammation and pain.

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30 count, 60 count, 90 count


1 mg capsule, 2 mg capsule, 3 mg capsule, 5 mg